Android apps for digital marketing

Google android digital marketing apps

Having just swapped my old iphone for a brand spanking new Google Nexus 4, which has more bells and whistles than a football refereeing campanologist – of which I am sure there are literally thousands in the Premier League – I thought it might be a good idea to find out what mobile android apps are available for digital marketing. The obvious ones to look at first are Google and Facebook, so let’s see what is on offer for the internet marketeer and what we can do with them.

  1. Android Adwords apps

A quick search of Google play store will unearth a few apps and widgets for Google Adwords management. There is no official one, but plenty have been developed by other developers, although not all of them offer the same functionality.

First up is Adwords Mobile Toolbox.

This promises to be an all encompassing app, with the ability to manage your account, watch helpful videos and even find an Adwords Certified Partner, amongst other things, should you want one. It is free and has a simple and easy user interface but, it has some serious usability issues and many people have given it only 1 star.

HE Adwords for Android

This app also promises lots of functionality including the ability to manage multiple accounts, edit campaigns and view stats. So on the face of it, very useful. The UI looks nice and clear and it is another free app. But, there is a problem, and that is that it will only connect with accounts that are connected to a MCC account, and it appears the developers have not worked out how to fix this. Still, if you are connected to an MCC account or you have one, then you should be able to use it.

         2.  Social Media Apps

Facebook Pages Manager is the official app from Facebook to manage Facebook Pages. As well as posting to your pages, this app allows you to respond to private messages and view Facebook Pages Insights from your smartphone. The app has had over 15,000 ratings, mostly positive and has a rating of 4/5.

HootSuite’s software allows you to manage all of your social media in one place, FB; Twitter; MySpace; Google+; Foursquare, so it is no surprise that they have develoed an Android App with the same features. The HootSuite app has many of the features of the website tools including  advanced statistics, team workflows and assignments.

Of course TweetDeck, the old favourite of many social media users, also offers the same functionality but has not been updated since 2011 and, I believe is now unsupported, although available for use.

         3.   Google Analytics Apps

Google Analytics

What good is a campaign or website without being able to view your traffic stats? Well, fortunately, Google have thought of this and have produced an official Android Analytics app. This is a very useful app with lots of functionality allowing you to view real time stats and many other metrics on your mobile, or cell phone.


gAnalytics for Google Analytics is an unofficial phone app for Android that does what it says on the tin. It has lots of ratings and appears to be a good choice if you don’t want to go down the official Google route.

4.   Productivity Apps 

A new app that has some promise is Google Keep, this is a note taking app, of which there are plenty of others, but keeps looks to have lots of functionality. It allows you to make notes, written or voice recorded, make checklists and order your lists according to your priorities. This app is good for jotting down ideas and helping to develop them as well as ticking off tasks and assignments on your mobile phone.

Well I could go on listing and reviewing online marketing apps all day long, there are hundreds of guides and advice apps and many more productivity tools you may find useful. I think that the ones above cover most bases should you be out and about and need to check or manage some of your campaigns or have an idea for a new one, or decide to ditch the trusty PC and only use your Android mobile or tablet.


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